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The decorating industry has come a long way over the past few year, with many decorating firms

like SprayMaster Decorating investing heavily in new technologies. Airless spraying and HVLP spraying 

is by no means new and has been around since the early 80's but only just starting to take hold in this country.The thought of using spray equipment in your home maybe a daunting idea to some people and create mental images of dust and paint everywhere. But this could not be more from the truth, using the systems we have in place all mess is contained in the working area. Various floor protectors, masking films/paper and zip walls are utilised to protected your home inside or out. We pride ourselves on maintaining a clean and tidy work area and give full respect to your property. The level of finish we can achieve is second to none with a flawless finish that traditional decorating can not compete with.


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- Full interior decorating

- Extensions

- New builds

- All exterior decorating

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