• Bryan Rudd

Festool - From Dust to Dawn.

In the early days of days of my painting and decorating career all I had was my Makita palm sander and my trusty Henry the hoover.

Now don't take that innocent smile on Henry's face for granted he is a formidable foe and not one to quit likely.

But he was not made to suck endless mountains of Easifill dust or have a sander cruelly attached to him. After hours of torturous graft and glowing red hot it looked like time for change. Enter 'Festool' a name known for one thing and one thing only, quality ! Buying Festool is a very dangerous activity and not for the weak mind. Two things, one it's really expensive and two it's additive ! Thats right it's additive, I known grown men empty entire bank accounts just to get the last Festool products but this was a challenge I decided to take. The ETS sander and Midi extractor (as in picture) where not my first purchase, I had a cordless drill which I had for a bit but the sand and extractor was the real game changer for me. Dust for a painter and decorator can be a real problem, especially when working in domestic properties. Nothing pushes the buttons of a client than a nice thick

layer of white dust and who can blame them, this is their home ! Personally I like to work methodically and maintain a clean work space. I'm definitely not one of them trades men that downs tools and runs out door or would I employ anyone like that. This is where Festool and I really click, the ETS sander and dust extractor are a perfect combo. Just these to items have reduced working mess to a minimum and at the end of the day the extractor can used as a standard vacuum cleaner. This allows us to sand and prep any surface to perfection and combined with a spray finish deliver results that will amaze any sceptic. So a few years on my collection of Festool products have grown but my bank account maintains in one piece. It can be expensive but worth it for the results and their tools just don't quit ! If you ever see a tradesman walk in with Festool under their arm you know your in good hands. I hope this has been useful and I sure you have just one question ...........YES, that is my cat !

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