• Bryan Rudd

Saving the planet - Waste the enemy.....

One thing seems to dominate the news lately is the talk of waste , plastic being the worst culprit ! Personally at home I always recycle, try to reduce waste and be energy efficient as possible. But at work is a different matter, it ain't easy as a business owner to think planet first. In my profession as a painter and decorator specialising in spraying I use a lot of masking materials and use a lot of paint. At the end of a working day it's all to easy to just throw it into the skip and walk away than separate the recyclable materials from waste. Personally I hate using something once and throwing it in the bin but in my line of work it can't be avoided. All paint tins now are plastic, all the delivery boxes are cardboard with plastic bubble wrap and all masking films are plastic to. It all sounds a little depressing but what can be done ? First a lot of waste paint can be donated to local community paint collect schemes that organise and collect old paint. There is a small fee charged to the provider but worth it as you know it's going to a good cause. Secondly there are masking tapes and masking paper made from recycled paper it costs a lot more but once again it all worth it in the long run. I have been trying to wash out empty paint tins and put them into recycling, this one is tricky as it's time consuming but with a little thought it can be done. It's all these little changes that add up and dramatically reduce our waste and ultimately help the planet. I know I'll get a bit of stick from sceptics and none believers out there but I feel it's the right think to do.

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