• Bryan Rudd

Wall Covering - Not just a one trick pony.

With a name like SprayMaster you wouldn't put wallpapering and us together, well the truth is as a decorating company you have to. Even though wallpapering has falling a little out fashion, the feature wall is still going strong. This may sound strange but personally I'm not a fan of wallpaper but I love hanging the stuff (I know weird). That one always gets a look from a client but it's true. There are not may things I was born to do but wallpapering is one of them, the similarities between spraying and wallpapering are close (stay with me). Spraying has to be approached methodologically and is very unforgiving, like wise with wallpapering. Nothing gets more scrutinised by a client than wallpapering, so it has to be right. I don't really advertise the fact as spraying is my first love and if people are interested they will just ask but yes it's true. If you check out our Facebook page there are some good examples.

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