• Bryan Rudd

Tikkurila - King of the paints.

Tikkurila is a paint manufacturer from Finland that specialises in high quality paints for pretty much every application you can think of. I first heard of Tikkurila (or 'Tik' to the trade) through various painter and decorators I follow on twitter. There was lots of talk about a paint that had all the 'pros' of oil based and none of the 'cons' and sprays a treat. The paint is called Helmi and comes various sheens that are rated in a percentage, 10% or Hemli10 is a egg shell finish and Helmi30 is satin finish. Being a water based paint it's just perfect for airless spraying as in dries in minutes and makes washing out the sprayer easy. I have used it on pretty much everything now from sprayingKitchen cabinet doors, skirting board, architrave, doors, window, tables, so on and so on. And all this from ONE paint from their range is endless. The next paint in the range I love to use is Super White latex emulsion which is just the best paint I have ever used to spray ceilings with. The final finish is just amazing and really finishes a room off a treat, I just love it ! Tikkurila isn't really a heavily retailed paint like Crown or Dulux and serves mainly trade. This just makes it a little more like a closely guarded secret and makes selling our service that little bit more easier. Here at SprayMaster Decorating we don't just limit ourselves one paint company but Tikkurila would make easy really easy if we did. It's a pleasure to use and I wish to share with it everyone. Keep up the good work Tik !

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