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Home Cinema (Art-Deco...esk!)

I started this job working through a friend called Nick, who needed me for the more technical work but ultimately ended doing pretty much all doing all of it. The room itself is a extension about the size of a large double garage and attached to the home of Dave and Les. Two professional photographers (as you can see very good at what they do) with a passion for film and the desire for a something special (enter me). The first point of interest was the talk of columns painted gold (yeah I'm in) and ceilings of bronze........ thats right bronze. Dark embossed wallpaper and large ceiling roses where pretty much standard conversion and would make most decorators run for the hills. Not me I'm made of stronger stuff and love a challenge and boy did I get one, all 8 coats of it. Lucky most of the wiring and AV system was already installed and just a few adjustments had to be made which took most of the first two weeks up. Once pretty much every surface had been sanded and filled to an inch of it's

life the joinery could begin. The columns

are a three piece assemble and are simply glued on. The skirting board and picture rail where tailor made to fit in with the art-deco style. And finally the beading on the ceiling is simple off the shelf from the local merchant, this was extra hard to fit as the ceiling isn't perfectly straight. Once all that was caulked and filled the real fun can start, time for paint, gold paint at that ! The final decision on paint was by Benjamin Moore and required a seven coat system (YES 7 ! ) and was applied by my Graco 395St Max airless. This gold paint is really expensive I mean REALLY expensive, I mean eye watering expensive ! I think it would of been cheaper to use gold leaf but I can't run that through the sprayer so we settled on this. After the gold came the ceilings which is something you should never spray while wearing decorating whites (ruined). Believe it or not the next part I really enjoyed and not something you would associate with a man that loves spraying, the wallpapering. Dave and Les took pity on me here as they chose a paper with simple pattern and no pattern repeat but still papering around them columns was a nightmare. The

wallpapering took a good four days but it felt longer as I'm not the most patient person at times. When all the room had been put back together and carpet had been fitted (by awarding winning carpet fitter apparently) the only thing left to was the doors ! These doors are no cheap tenner a pop panel doors, these are the real thing and they are heavy. I had to take them to my workshop and a great deal of effort went into them as you can see ! They really finish the room off and add that special touch. So much went into this room that I could write a book but for this blog I have to keep it short. Dave and Les are and always be a pleasure to work for and I don't think I will ever have a job I enjoy as much as this.

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