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Beautiful hand made kitchen | Harder than it looks

This Kitchen is a beautiful hand made kitchen, it was made by Taurus Bespoke Joiner by a guy called Adam. It's not just any kitchen it's his own kitchen, so you can see the the importants of it being right. Adam doesn't just make beautiful kitchens he make beautiful everything, I know I have painted a few of them over the past year. So when I saw his own kitchen i was a little surprised to say the least on how poor the paint finish was !

This was the beginning of many a joke and verbal ribbing on his poor painting skills and endless jibes to let me paint his kitchen. Now Adam knows how I work and he's see the high standards of my work but we just couldn't agree on a time to do. Well finally it has happened ! After a trip to Corfu is booked I was giving the green light, we are on ! I have talked me way into a bit of a corner hear and all them jokes will come back and haunt me if I don't bring my A Game ....

Original Adam sprayed it, that didn't go well and finally his wife brushed and rolled it. Well that went the same way and it just got left, life moves on and things get forgotten about. Luckily for Adam and his family I'm love a bit of prep and this kitchen cabinet spray job was going to need it. First I had all the doors off back my work shop where I can sand them to a inch of their life and spray them up to a factory finish. Returned to prep the cabinets and repeat the process, which is made that little bit more easier with a empty house. I Sprayed the kitchen doors and cabinet with Morrells (King of Paints) AC and tinted in Old White (Olive???).

Joking a side I have come to see Adam as more of a friend than a work colleague so I really want this to be perfect for him and his family. And I pretty certain I have hit the mark, I really really don't think I could get them doors better if I tried. They are factory finish, every last one of them and the Morrell AC paint makes them feel so smooth and soft. As kitchen cabinet paint jobs go this one was really a labour of love and I feel it shows.

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