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Dresser | Pine no more

In my line of work I come across many trends and fashions of yesteryear that always raise the question 'What were we thinking' but nothing raises that question more than vanished pine ! I mean seriously what were we thinking, it's a big orange hideous mess. If I didn't have bills to pay I think I would paint over it for free, more like a civil service than a job. So when I was approach by a customer to paint her pine dresser I didn't hesitate at the opportunity. I was lucky on this on as the customer had a very good idea on what colour and slight alterations are required. I was informed the pine dresser was left by the previous owners so there was no question of it was cost effective to spray paint the dresser. The colour chosen was Pointing (a very pale cream) and the paint I use is Morrell AC, a extremely durable paint that is perfect for furniture and kitchen cabinet spraying. The worktop was sanded down and a durable clear lacquer was use to retain the natural look of the wood. The doors had cross members which was remove to give in a more modern look. If I do say so myself the final result is excellent but then I have had some really great results when spraying furniture, especially pine. The customer was over the moon and left me a really great review which always go along.

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