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Kitchen transformed | Out of the darkness

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

This kitchen cabinet spray job was one of them jobs where everything just goes right ! When I'm having a bad week I will remember this job with fond memories. I was contacted through my Facebook page from a customer that was look to change her existing kitchen from bare wooden doors to something more modern. The main problem was the kitchen just look to dark with the bare wood and wondered if I could help. This is something SprayMaster Decorating can definitely help with. After the standard meet and greet I colour was pencilled in, 'Purbeck Stone' . But the client had informed me she was no a 100% happy with the colour and was going to look into things more over the next few weeks before work would start. This is great as I feel I always see better results when clients are left to choice the colour on there own devices and no feel pressured on the day. Old white was the final choice, a little olive green colour that changes with the light, a good choice. The rest is all text book really, doors removed to work shop to get the usual labour of love I always love to give Kitchen doors. The Morrells AC paint really brings out the grain in the wooden doors and they just look amazing. After that the cabinets and fit the doors and handle back on.

Job done ! Really enjoyed spraying this kitchen and the client was just a dream to work for .

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