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Throw back Thursday - Born to spray.

I get a lot of questions about how and when did I get into spray decorating. Two things I get asked regularly are 1. Have I always been a decorator? and 2. How long have a I been spraying? Well I have been a decorator for about 4-5 years now and nearly all of that is spray decorating. And I have sprayed for over 30 years now and it was my father that first showed me the ropes.

It all started back when I was a kid and would strip my bicycle down to bare metal, hang it up in the shed and spray paint out of spray cans. Dad would come in from time to time and give me pointers. later on we worked together to paint my first car, a bright red Vauxhall Nova.

That cost more to paint than the car was worth but when your 16 its all a labour of love, so money well spent.

When I was 18 started working for my father who repairs, re-furbishes and sells plant/forklifts for a living. On my first day he put me straight in the spray bay prepping machines for paint as he new I enjoyed that. 20 years later and I have painted pretty much every piece of equipment you can think of but working for your father can be a turbulent thing. It was a this point a friend starting quizzing me about spraying and what did I know about spray decorating. This all led me down the road to finally leaving work with my father and working with my friend. I won't lie the first few months working with my friend where fun but traditional decorating isn't me. So it didn't take long before I decided to invest in my first airless sprayer and cut me teeth. Airless spraying really isn't that different to to conventional spraying, apart from there is no compressor involved and it works on pure pumping pressure. Prep is prep and be it a car, plane , kitchen door or a house wall it's all pretty much the same so it didn't take long to master. Since then things have gone from strength to strength for SprayMaster Decorating and we now specialise in kitchen door/cabinet spraying more than anything.

This is where it all began, most likely the best investment i have had !

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