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Morrells | The king is dead, long live the king

Now I know it was not that long ago I was on here backing on about how Tikkurila was the king of all paints ! Well the king is dead long live the king, rise king Morrells ........ I know I know, get a life. Well when you do what I do for living these things are really important, paint isn't just paint. Don't get me wrong I still love Tikkurila but when i come to kitchen door/cabinet painting I needed something more up to the job and Morrells gives it the bucket load or 5 litres tins to be precise. They specialise in wood finishes and provide to a lot of manufacturers is exactly what got me interested. The paint I use from them is a tinted lacquer that come in the form of a acid-cat. Which basically mean you mix a additive to it to make it harden, it dries super quick and is bullet proof when fully cured. Now there is a bit of a down side, it does stink but when dries its gone. They do waterborne as well, clear lacquers, varnishes and wood fillers. The range isn't as massive as Tikkurila but what they lack in size they make up in quality.

I never stop looking for the perfect paint and most likely never will but until then 'Long live the King !'

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