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Sprayed kitchen | Out of the dark and into the light.

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

When I was first approached by the client to spray paint their kitchen it was on the pretence of it was to dark, not just in colour but in light. Even the kitchen has two windows the day light just don't seem to hit that part of the house and the kitchen doors being a dark wood effect really doesn't help. I was ask if painting them a light colour would help, which I agreed would make a massive difference and also recommended replacing the worktops for a light colour to. The final colour choice was 'Ammonite' (a brown grey) and 'Lulworth Blue' on the island both a fantastic colours and work well together. Before I started work the client had organised new worktops and additional LED light to be done, this alone made a big difference. Once the doors had been removed to my workshop I set about removing all the PVC wrapping on them. An easy and very satisfying job that returns the doors bask to bare MDF. Once primed you sand the doors down to a beautiful smooth finish that will look amazing once the topcoats are applied. The cabinets where masked and paint on the returning on the Thursday which was a long day as it's a large kitchen. The following day the doors are returned and fitted. The final results speak for themselves and the kitchen really does look like a completely new kitchen.

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