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Updated: Dec 26, 2019

I was approached by Adam, owner of Taurus Bespoke Joinery, for a job to spray paint a bespoke cabinet project he was working on. Adam from Taurus is by no means a new customer and we have worked on few project together and seem to be on the same page. Adam is a master joiner and has and eye for detail so Taurus and Spraymaster Decorating are a perfect match. This project is different from a

standard kitchen cabinet respray as every component is spray painted in my workshop. First the all the doors are prepped and spray painted and then all the cabinets. Everything is new wood and MDF so the process is a little easier compared to a kitchen which requires a lot of cleaning. The colour chosen was 'Ammonite' a lovely little brown/grey colour which is very popular at the moment. The paint used was Morrells AC which is a super tough 2 part paint that is perfect for office furniture and will last a life time. Fitting and assembly is all taken in hand by Taurus and the finished results are amazing. Really enjoy this type of bespoke work and the customer can really appreciate they have a true one of a kind product.

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