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Kitchen cabinet spraying | Paint me twice

This Kitchen was a poorly hand painted kitchen and was in need of a lot of prep and attention to bring it up to standard. Who original hand painted it I don't know and I don't like to ask ! I do come across a lot of DIY disasters but nothing that can't be repaired or refinished without a bit of love and attention. Luckily here at Spraymaster we love prep and love a challenge so this was going to be easy. The client first informed me how she had got numerous quotes for new kitchens arrange from £7000-£12000, which is an outrageous amount considering the size. We discussed worktops and tiling all which was going to be organised by the client, so all that was left to do was prep and paint.

The colour chosen was 'Lamp Room Grey' which is a dark grey but with hints of green depending on the light. It goes perfectly with the new worktop and tiles. The kitchen is on the small side so removing the doors and painting them is not a big job. The paint used before sanded down really easy so the prep time was greatly reduced and when spray painted came up like new . The exterior cabinet did need a little work but nothing to major or complicated, nothing what filler can't sort out. After the cabinets are spray painted and the door refitted the end results speak volumes.

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